About Panchal Chetana Loksangrahashala

In 2014, we, some friends from the village of Panchal, decided to build a Folk Museum to collect, preserve and exhibit the old articles which were intricately connected to our our daily lives and culture. We believe that we must not forget our heritage. We should keep proper documentation of our journey for the upcoming generation.

We started collecting items from ourselves and made an exhibition in 2015 in a room of our Mother Organisation “Bigyan o Samaj” which works on community health, hygiene, environment etc.

People reacted spontaneously and they contributed equally many old items which were left abandoned with them. We got, Charkha, Radio, Agriculture based instruments, parts of loom, Weighing bars, manuscripts, scrolls, Coins, Stamps, Stone grinder, icmic cooker, earthen and wooden dolls, copper and brass utensils, potteries, cameras, Wall clock, moulds of ornaments, locks, Ovens, different kinds of fishing devices, fossils, books, magazines and many more.

Now the museum has almost 3000 items in display. The number of item is increasing by the day, which is a source of encouragement for us. For the time being we are facing some difficulties in the preservation and proper display of items. Proper display needs proper enclosure for different types of items. Racks, wooden boxes with glass top, stamps and overall one more room is needed to accommodate our present exhibits. We are trying to get help to meet the same. The Museum is already registered as a trust in 2019 with a bank account in Bank of India, Panchal Branch, and Bankura.

Kholamela cultural program
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Conducting  of two days annual fair namely “KHOLAMELA” (open fair), in which each and every one of our surrounding areas is welcome to participate with their ideas and performances. The fair is running on its fourth year since 2015. The fair is conducted jointly with the mother organisation, ‘BIGYAN  O SAMAJ’ (science & society).

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We will post all the new magazines and posters/flyers we will publish in the future.

You will find some select archived flyers and magazines we published over the years.

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